bsn Infotech

Bipin Kumar Srivastava

CMD, BSN Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Chairman's Message

It is my immense pleasure to welcome you to BSN INFOTECH family. BSN INFOTECH is a privately held North India leading professional software development & Government Manpower Outsourcing Company. Having its interest of providing a complete package of transnational accounting software. For small, medium, and large size enterprises and practioners, with the Brand name “Account Well”.

We at BSN INFOTECH take immense pride in the philosophy of "TEAM WORK" which drives our products design, bringing you an unmatched ease of use, not only this, my dedicated Team of visionary are equipped with an equally sharing of single culture based on Strong ethical principles. Which is rightly delivered by our mission statement "In all the dimensions of the work that we perform for our clients, our firms lives by the Creed to approach each engagement with an utmost attenuation for quality and respect to People, products, a those constituents".

I am confident that through Our joints efforts you shall succeed in getting a partner in your growth professionally.

bsn Infotech

Rakesh Kumar Tripathi

Director Corporate Affairs

Director's Message

Information Technology is playing an increasingly important function in corporate affairs. The value of information is rapidly changing and a company's strategic advantage will be its ability to obtain high quality data from the marketplace, make sense out of it and then turn it around for commercial advantage We, therefore, manage communication with a range of audiences including: Community, Government, Media, Employees and Investors. Their role may include managing crises, introducing new products, negotiating prices, managing media placement, writing the company newsletter and updating the investment community on the R&D pipeline.

We focus on proactive and meaningful relations with the Community, Government, Media, Employees and Investors and any other groups that can potentially impact on their organization's ability to operate favorably. They manage issues to create competitive opportunities.

We have constantly endeavored to grow and develop our network around the globe.Our vision is to create powerful organization in the emerging corporate landscape.

bsn Infotech

Gaurav Nigam

Director Project

Director's Message

We maintain a highly dependable and reliable workforce because we know that there is no substitute for expertise and technology where quality is required. Our employees receive every support from management in order to fulfill their responsibilities and achieve high performance levels, thereby upholding the confidence of our customers. Our working based on three characteristics: dedication and commitment, quality and performance driven approach. BSN has ability to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction

We know that it is our quality – quality in our products & solutions, quality in our people and quality in our relationships that has delighted customers for years and why our customers consider BSN as their right partner for all IT requirements. Our team has common focus - to serve our customers based on delivery of a high quality product, timely response to meet client needs, and the reasonable cost you would expect from a non-profit entity. Whether you are a government department, industry, Schools, Institute, Hospital, Hotel, Retailer, and Trader. We provide a solution to your needs in a friendly and expert manner.

Our diverse talented team is our greatest asset. We have got our own beliefs, values and codes of practice that are highly nurtured inside the company. We pledge to see our growth in yours and have Customer Focus as our guiding light in the universe of information technology. I look forward to creating highly innovative solutions contributing to the growth of the IT industry.

Thank you, All, on behalf of the BSN Family.
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