MediWell Solution

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What MediWell Does For Hospitals?

The MediWell software system is designed to cater for the needs of small to large nursing homes and hospitals. MediWell is a highly scalable and completely customizable solution that has multiple modules to serve the varying needs of different departments across the hospitals.

MediWell lets you manage the medical, financial, operational and administrative sections of your hospital with ease. Cut unnecessary investments on resources, choose MediWell!

Key Features Of MediWell

Patient & Staff Database

Maintain a real-time database of all patients, doctors and other staff within your hospital. Register and monitor everyone through just a few clicks on our module!

Keep Record of Equipment & Supplies

Keep a detailed record of all the in-house equipment and supplies. Get notifications of shortages of hospital resources. Avoid last minute rush with MediWell.

Accounting & Reports

Maintain records of all your hospital’s expenditures on MediWell. Monitor all inward and outward cash flows with ease. Assess your hospital’s performance and financial status through interactive and easy to comprehend reports.

Monitor Rooms & Services

From the number of rooms available for new patients to the types of services your hospital is offering, MediWell establishes a live record of everything your hospital offers.

Certificate Generator

From birth certificate to discharge certificate, MediWell lets you generate all medical certificates on templates of your choice.