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Advanced Restaurant Management System

Simplify Restaurant Management! Get RestroWell!

RestroWell is a restaurant management system designed to let you manage your restaurant the smart way. With real-time database of your stock inventory and simplified KOT & POS systems that help you deliver amazing dining experience to your customers, RestroWell is a lot more than just a simple restaurant management system.

Key Features Of RestroWell

Point Of Sale System

Our interactive POS system stores your transactions data in real-time. Install MediWell to monitor your POS systems better and reduce human errors.

Manage Orders With KOT

Our interactive KOT module not only lets you simplify the order management process but also lets you save a lot on paper. Avoid negligence for staff, lessen waiting time for customers!

Inventory and Stock Management

Establish a real-time inventory of utilities and stock. Get instant notifications of everything you’re low on. Avoid guesswork and get exactly what you need with our inventory management system.

Accounting Services

Access and manage your restaurant’s real-time accounting data right from your screen. Avoid confusions and analyze with ease!

Interactive Reports

From your restaurant’s customer growth rate to accounting reports, RestroWell brings you access to all interactive and quality reports that you need to assess business’s growth.