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Online Lecture Video And Content Sharing

Online Lecture Video And Content Sharing

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Online Submission Of Homework And Assignment By Student

Online Submission Of Homework And Assignment By Student

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Online Text Discussion Between Student And Teacher

Online Text Discussion Between Student And Teacher

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Manage Attendance Through Online Classes

Manage Attendance Through Online Classes

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E-Learning Vidyawell ERP

We Understand Technology Better. Let's Make India Digital.

As all of we know that coronavirus pandemic has affected educational systems worldwide. School closures impact not only students, teachers and School administration work as well. Children have fewer opportunities of learning from home. Most schools in affected areas are finding stop-gap solutions to continue teaching, but the quality of learning is heavily dependent on the level and quality of digital access. When classes transition online, these children lose out the classes because of the technical faults and internet connectivity.

In this connection, BSN Infotech has designed “VIDYAWELL” technology-integrated and easy to use Smart School Management and Digital Learning Software and Mobile App. which is an all-in-one solution for all school-related management. It is a four-way communication tool connecting school, parent, teacher, and student, which makes education more accessible and easy. It facilitates all stakeholders to work, communicate, inform and share in a collaborative way on software and mobile application. Through the Digital Learning feature of VidyaWell application, teachers have come up with the concept of e teaching. Where they make videos of topics and subjects and not only videos but written well-explained content over the application and share with the students and parents. Teachers can assign the online homework through the VidyaWell app.

VidyaWell also provides an application for the institues or coaching classes to manage their class from phone or tablet. With the help of VidyaWell mobile app, admin or tutor can perform all the operations of software system.

With the recent pandemic forcing a lot of students into distance learning, this means that VidyaWell for Education can really make a difference to teachers and students who might not have already used an online learning platform.

  • Online Admissions/Signing up for a course
  • Virtual class
  • Online learning content sharing
  • Online Assignment sharing
  • Online Video Sharing
  • Student Information Management
  • Quick User Integration
  • Easy Payment Methods
  • Going Mobile and Apps for Learning
  • Course creation
  • Mobile learning
  • Asynchronous learning
  • Social learning/message boards
  • Integrated Online Examination
  • E-Library
  • Easy-to-use Mobile App

Why VidyaWell?

Save Time-Minimize Costs Save Time, Minimize Costs

VidyaWell simplifies the workflow within institutions by digitizing of manual and paper-based processes. As a result, institutions save significantly on operational expenses.

Automate-Increase-Efficiency Automate, Increase Efficiency

The automated solution makes a massive shift in burden of responsibilities for the institution and everyone that’s part of it. This radical change makes the management and teachers execute their core responsibilities with more efficiency.

Scalable-Customizable-Solution Scalable, Customizable Solution

The VidyaWell Project has been designed to meet the needs of mega enterprises. It is, therefore, highly scalable and open to customizations.

24x7-Dedicated-Support 24/7 Dedicated Support

Our team of dedicated employees will be there to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Affordable Affordable

With VidyaWell, you pay only for what you use. Now you can access the services of its ERP/CRM applications and its tailored cloud-based solution at comparatively affordable prices.

Excellence 15 Years of Excellence

We have been around for so long in the industry and have served some of the grandest government and private institutions in India. We only ask you to rest assured of our quality of services.

Our Clients

Minerva Universal Public School
Bright Future Academy
Shivam Children Academy
St. Anjani’s Public School
Rao Kasal Public School
Ram Sewak Yadav Smarak Inter College
Shri Prem Kumar Shukla Inter College
Dabble College
Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey U.P. Sainik School
Junior DPS School
JKD International Inter College
Bahadur Yadav Degree College
ABS Public School
Glorious Public School
Joyess Academy
Paari Public School
Chinmaya Vidhyalay